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Documenting Processes
  • It is comforting for the staff to know that they can easily read how work practices should be carried out and it is easier to introduce and disseminate new working practices to relevant roles / groups.
  • It facilitates such when recruiting the working procedures are described in Codeline Focus, instead of a single person sitting on all the knowledge it can be available to everyone.
  • A sure way to ensure that important things such as obligation to report to the authorities continue to be managed even after personnel changes.
Manage issues

Provides a good overview for all employees, not just for the project administrator. Codeline Focus provides the following: Who will do the work? When should it be done? Is it finished? What were the results? What did it cost?

  • Find the causes of recurring problems and find out how you resolved anything last time it was up to date.
  • It is important to be able to control when and how something was last done. There may be requirements from authorities and customers that the work is traceable and that there is documentation.
  • By documenting business processes and workflows in Codeline Focus you will get a good and accessible traceability, for free.
Recurring tasks

Make sure not to miss any recurring tasks and that they are handled properly. Having a good handling for maintenance will prevent problems that can cause serious consequences in terms of downtime and expensive repairs. You can also manage statutory reporting to authorities.

Meeting Management

Create agendas / meeting protocols and distribute tasks to be performed directly from a meeting point. You can then open the meeting at a later time and and see if all that were determined at the meeting has been conducted.

Quality Management

By creating governing documents in Codeline Focus, you can directly connect them to a structure for quality management eg ISO-9000. You can then be sure that the right people has reviewed and approved the document, and that the persons concerned have received the information. Versioning of documents is included.

Document Management

Store the files in Codeline Focus to easily share them with more people. Regardless of document or file type, Codeline Focus keeps track of if someone else is working on the file. Have changes been made, by whom and when? The files are linked to the places where they belong, so that you can store a product manual with the product. You do not have to look for files in explorer and versioning can be used.

Contact Directory

By having a common register containing information about employees, contacts, customers and suppliers will save you much time.

Structured Information

Codeline Focus has a flexible system for categorizing information and link to other things in the system. This makes it easy to find information by cross-referencing. Eg you can link a case of quality deviation directly to a relevant article, and then from the article see all quality deviations that has occurred.


Get control of company resources by easily finding supplier, purchase price, date of purchase, receipts, residual value, etc.

Purchase Order

Create purchase orders with cost carrier per order line. Get control of purchased materials per project or machine.

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